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What’s My Skin Type? Finding Out Once and For All

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No matter how frustrating you skin is, if you want skin that is the envy of your friends, you can have it. It only requires skin products that are specifically formulated for your skin type. By choosing products for your skin type, only then can those expensive skin care products give you the results that you desire. There is only one problem:

You have no idea what your skin type is.

Discovering your Skin Type

Skin type falls into four primary categories: Normal, Dry, Oily, or a Combination of them all. It is also important to remember that skin typescan be on various points of the spectrum. Some oily skin can be less oily while not falling into normal or dry skin, for example.

Obviously some skin type classifications are harder to discover than others, but there is a pretty simple way to find out. The good news is that it also requires very little work.

  • Wash – Start by washing any makeup, dirt, and oil off your face with a gentle cleanser. You can’t discover your skin type if you can’t see the clean slate for what it is.
  • Wait – Go about your day for at least two hours. Do not apply anymore makeup or skin care products while you wait for your skin to return back to its natural state. This might be a test better saved for a lazy Sunday.
  • Observe – After a few hours of letting your skin do as it will, now it is time to spot what you see. Depending on what signs show, you will be able to know what classification you fall into and what you can do about it.


You thought you’d grow out of it in your teenage years, but that oily skin and even the breakout that go with it are still with you well into your adulthood. If your skin looks shiny and feels slick to the touch, oily is your skin type. It is important to remember that all skin types can have breakouts, but it is more common with oily skin.

What to do about oily skin? If you have an oily skin type then you know that many products that claim to get rid of oil actually make that oil shine much worse. Unfortunately drying ingredients that claim to remove oil will make you feel less slick in the moment, but the oil comes back twofold in just hours.

What you really need to battle oil is an oil-absorbing primer to use before adding makeup as well as a good, non-drying toner to shrink your pores. Another key to managing oily skin is to have a gentle exfoliating product that is liquid or gel-based and doesn’t leave a residue. As oily skin tends to have a large layer of build-up that clogs pores, it is important to keep them clean. Unfortunately if you over exfoliate, it only stimulates oil production.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from oily, your skin feels tight and dry to the touch. You may even suffer from flakey areas when things get too bad. While you won’t suffer many breakouts, having your skin start to flake can be equally embarrassing.

What to do about dry skin? Moisturizer is your best friend. For truly dry skin, even if every one of your skin products has moisturizer in it, itmay not be enough. What you really want to focus on is skin moisturizers that also have skin-nourishing ingredients for a healthy complexion. While you will also need to clean your skin daily, it should be done with a gentle and moisturizing wash. Over cleaning with a cleanser that uses harsh ingredients will only further dry out your skin.


You are the utter envy of all your friends. No matter what you do your skin doesn’t show any visible signs of flaking nor is it too oily. Your skin feels smooth and pretty normal all around. You are pretty much the unicorn of skin types.

What to do about normal skin? Normal skin is, as you’d expect, really simple to care for. You should clean it daily, never leaving your makeup on overnight, and use lightweight formulas. Exfoliates and moisturizers should be used when needed, but more often than not your skin will be suffering from a product that features harsh ingredients or environmental effects like the weather.


For those with combination skin types, you are all over the map. One day you are oily, the next your skin is too dry, and once every blue moon your skin is perfect. Most commonly, people with combination skin will have an oily T-Zone while everywhere else is dry to normal in range.

What to do about combination skin? Naturally, you will have to spot treat your problem areas. Target your oily areas with exfoliates while dry areas will need spot moisturizing. Unfortunately, you have to be diligent not to crossover.

What About Redness and Other Skin Problems?

If you have a skin issue that falls outside of the realms of dry or oily, such as redness, that doesn’t classify as a skin type. These problems are caused by other underlying issues. For these issues, it is best to consult a dermatologist to treat it at the source rather than mixing products that claim to help into your skin care regimen. Often these products prove not only harsh to your skin type, but don’t actually help annoying skin issues.

Once you know your skin type, you finally have the knowledge in order to know how to effectively handle it. There are a wide array of skin care products out there, but there is no one product that is perfect for all skin types. For more information on your skin type and what products work best for it, contact us today.



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